Natalia Marín | Árboles
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Árboles / Trees

HD / 61 min / Color & B/N / 2013

Director, editor, writer and producer: colectivo los hijos



As the travel trough the Isle of Bioko, Antonia tells Pilar stories realted to the Spanish colonial past. Carlos spends a hot summer afternoon in 2013 with his family. Jose and Diana talk about the future.

Trees is a film divided in three segments which connect legends of the Bubi people about the Spanish colonial rule in Equatorial Guinea to those anonymous stories of new residential developments in the outskirts of Spanish cities.



2013 – Resistencias. Sevilla Festival de Cine

2013 – Estados Alterados. Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina)

2013 – Mirar a Cámara. (Bilbao)

2014 – Uruguay International Film Festival (Montevideo)

2014 – Un Impulso Colectivo. D’A International Film Festival (Barcelona)

2014 – Espacios Quebrados (Tabakalera. Donostia-San Sebastián)

2014 – Las Naves. Valencia

2014 –Un impulso Colectivo. Las Palmas IFF. (Spain)

2014 – Deconstructed Discourses. Festival Lima Independiente (Peru)

2014 – Specters. A cinema of haunting. Museo Nacional Reina Sofía

2014 – XXI Jornadas de Estudio de la Imagen. Composiciones Monstruosas (CA2M, Madrid)

2015 – La Casa Encendida. Inéditos ‘Aquí hay dragones’

2015 – Espanorama. Buenos Aires

2017 – Exile room. Athens (Greece)

2018 – Rutgers New Jersey University (USA)