Natalia Marín | La casa de Julio Iglesias
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La casa de Julio Iglesias / Julio Iglesias’s house

HD/ 12 min / B&N / 2018

Director, editor, writer and producer: Natalia Marín



In 2001, the Shanghai government tried to build a replica of Spain. Before the When they began to consier the questions what is Spain, what is a Spanish house like? They automatically replied: Spain means Julio Iglesias.



2018. Locarno Festival. Signs of life

2018. TIFF. Toronto International Film Festival. Wavelenghts

2018. VIFF. Vancouver International Film Festival. MODES

2018. Viennale

2018. Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia

2018. FIDOCS. Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago de Chile

2018. Mar del Plata International Film Festival

2018. ANTOFACINE. Chile

2018. Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón

2018. Márgenes

2018. Festival Internacional de Cine de Aguilar de Campoo



Thanks to Francisco Sánchez de Navarrete and Jakub Kaltar.